Space Saving Beds And Bedrooms For Maximum Free Space Without Sacrificing Style

Today not all of us can afford to have capacious apartments with comfortable large bedrooms to style the way we wish. Yet, this does not mean a tiny bedroom can’t be furnished with all necessary pieces and look utmost attractive meanwhile. Interior designers and furniture makers nowadays offer grandiose solutions via space saving beds and bedrooms. Let us have a look at some fabulous examples how a bedroom can be furnished with space saving and high sense of style in mind.

Compact folding furniture

Interesting space-saving furniture ideas for bedroom

#1 by Alexa Z
#1 by Alexa Z (Juneau, AK, USA).
This master bedroom is equipped with a bed and built-in cabinetry on both sides. Cherry wood was used as the material for constructing this furniture. It promises not only a grandiose elegant look for the bed space but also the longevity of service.
2. Unlike the previous bedroom, this space saving bed set is implemented in contemporary style. There is an ample storage space under the bed while the side cabinet can serve as both a storage space and decorative element (when you place decorative items on top).
3 This lovely bright bedroom is equipped with a transforming bedroom furniture set. It can accommodate all the stuff you need to store in the room while leaving quite much free space around.

Murphy Bed

This Murphy Bed was the perfect solution for a small second bedroom in a condo

4 by Don Hoover
4 by Don Hoover (Orillia, Ontario, Canada).
Don Hoover has just finished constructing this wall unit and decided to share with the results. Here we can admire the delicacy and accuracy of the work made. The unit is ample enough to hide plenty of clothes yet also has open shelves to demonstrate decoration items.
5. Here we can see how the wall unit converts into a bed set once the doors of the unit are opened. The mattress is hidden inside this unit, too.

Space saving room

6 Khaled Aly
6 by Khaled Aly (by Cairo, Egypt).
Bright, sunny, spacious and elegant bedroom designed by Khaled Aly from Cairo, Egypt. The designer used transforming bed-sofas to save space in the room. The space saving here yet does not sacrifice the style as the room looks breathtakingly beautiful.

Hako House

The Hako House is a concept dwelling which provides the owner with a portable, energy efficient, freestanding house that is more human-scaled than a large apartment building or traditional house.

8 Mike Peterson
#8 Mike Peterson (London, United Kingdom).
This interesting and functional bedroom space saving furniture easily transforms from bed to a seating set. Once you open it, you have a seating place for two and a table panel between them.
10 A beachside house of dreams! This is a cozy construction with a sun longer fastened around the house. A perfect place to get a secluded zone for yourself.

Colorful living space

11 by Mikhail Bazilevich
11 by Mikhail Bazilevich (Khabarovsk, Russian Federation).
Inside the cozy beachside house by Mikhail Bazilevich you will find everything necessary for enjoying your entire vacation. Furniture pieces are placed so that to save maximum space while providing maximum convenience.

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