Stand Alone Closets As Greatly Practical Storing System

Such furniture pieces as stand alone closets are intended to make your bedrooms, entryways or closet rooms more practical and convenient. They are available in great many styles, sizes and material options. Depending on the interior of the environment you can choose an appropriate model that will contribute the style. Anyway, perhaps the greatest advantage of stand alone closets is that you can place them wherever you need with no need of a wall to lean on. Most models also have casters that enhance the flexibility and mobility of them.

Depending on the material used as well as the company of production, prices for closets of stand alone type differ. If you need something original and valuable, then consider the Bella Hanging Wardrobe Closet offered at Contempo Space. The cost for this model depends on the front type. You can order one of the following types available:

  • Matte ($1,150)
  • Mirror ($1,340)
  • Glossy ($1,520)
  • Colored Glass ($1,520

Moreover, a customer is able to choose the front and case finishes as well as handles. The free standing closet guarantees quite a capacious storage place for all your clothes! Made of premium quality hardwood, the closet will serve for many years to come!

Another gorgeous model within stand alone closets is the Alta Tall Wardrobe Closet Package Six Drawer Wardrobe. Like the model described above, this one, too has several front type options that influence the cost. This free standing model features six extensive drawers in the bottom and four ones in the top whilst the two middle sections are intended for hanging clothes.

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