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Stand For Rings: Discover Umbra Collection

A pretty stand for rings is not obliged to have a simple look. These pieces can be unique and simply amazing! Visiting the popular Umbra store you will come across pretty models that will not only keep your rings, but also add a unique spice to your bedroom vanity or dressing table. Here, in Umbra you will meet beautiful Anigram ring holders in such animals’ shapes as elephants, giraffes, bunnies, reindeer and dogs. Each of these animal anigrams is very convenient for holding up to several rings.

Nice Flower Stand On Your Dressing Table

Nevertheless, there are also other exceptional ring stands that are both convenient and beautiful. For instance the Magnolia Ring holder designed by talented Alan Wisniewski is a gorgeous model that serves as a flowery addition to your bedroom vanity. Costing $10 it displays your rings in a unique shining glory yet can serve as a separate decoration when there is no ring inside. This model is more than a simple ring holder. It is rather a piece of art!

Sleek Modern Rabbit

Another marvelous stand for rings presented in Umbra is the Zoola Bunny Ring Holder priced as little as $8. This one is designed particularly by the Umbra Design Group and intends to fascinate you with its sleek glowing surface and pretty modern design of a rabbit that holds quite many rings on its ears. This is a chrome-plated piece that will complement any space let it be your bathroom vanity where you want to place your ring while washing, or your bedroom dressing table that needs a touch of beauty and style.

Gallery of Stand For Rings: Discover Umbra Collection

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