Store your clothes in a stand up closet

The easiest budget variant to store your clothes is to get a stand up closet. It’s a really cool solution to keep your winter coats, dresses or any hanging clothing. The portable stand up closet by Mainstays will ideally fit a small home or apartment. The closet size is 36″ x 19,5″ x 63″. As you see, it is tall enough to hang inside even longer dresses and suits.

You will easily assemble the closet following the manual instructions. No tools are needed, and this unit will be assembled in half and hour. If you prefer modern style, pick up an IKEA stand up closet. You will like the simple decision of this wooden stand up closet. Hurdal and Fjell wardrobes may store almost all the clothes you want to keep in one place. Solid pine makes the closet looks strictly, elegant and very simple. Although this is the luxury simplicity: each line of this piece of furniture is perfect.

If you are looking for a very cheap good quality small stand up closet, buy at Walmart discounter rollback a modern Honey-Can-Do steel-frame construction closet. The metal rod of the storage closet will easily hold your shirts, dresses, coats and pullovers. The assembly is absolutely easy: just follow the illustrated manual instructions, and in half an hour you will get a comfortable multifunctional closet storage.

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