Stream Floor Mop Provides Crystal Clean Floors

Steam floor mop is exactly what you need if you want to keep all floors of your entire house in a shiny clean condition. Unlike ordinary mops, which use cleaning and detergent agents, stream mops use bare water stream. The heat of the stream helps to disinfect carpets and floors perfectly without any need of cleaning liquid. No dirt can be left on your floors due to the microfiber pad that is installed underneath the stream jet. Coming with already attached water tank, these cleaning tools are irreplaceable for an effective and accurate floor cleaning.

Is It Safe To Use Stream Mop On Hardwood Flooring?

Stream mops have become quite popular means of floor cleaning in recent years. Not only residential but also commercial environments have turned to these cleaning tools as they prove to be highly effective. Yet, one question remains unsolved within customers: Is there a safe wood floor stream mop? The answer to this question is relative. The greatest part of manufacturers claim that their products can be used for cleaning hardwood floors that are sealed or finished. In such cases stream mops are quite harmless for wooden floors. Yet, if the product has nothing mentioned about hardwood floor cleaning, you should avoid using it.

Most Effective Stream Mop At Affordable Cost

An ordinary stream mop is usually priced over a hundred dollars. Yet, this does not mean there aren’t good products at more affordable costing. For instance the Bissell Stream Mop Deluxe Hard Floor Cleaner 31N1 costs as little as $60. This lightweight stream mop is intended for cleaning hard-floor surfaces. Featuring a removable water tank for mint fragrance water and a special water-purification system, as well as two microfiber pads this item is considered as one of the most effective ones at affordable costs.

Affordable Luxury

After going through the main characteristics of a stream floor mop, we come to conclusion that it is a truly affordable luxury for any home and commercial area. Having this cleaning item in your house, your home floors will be guaranteed to always shine with cleanness and freshness!

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