Tall Bathroom Vanities Are Perfect For Small Bathrooms

Small bath spaces require tall bathroom vanities to save the space around. A tall vanity is definitely a space-saving solution if your bath, either, is not a large one. It will provide the necessary storage for linens, towels and hygiene products while maintaining very little footprint. These furniture pieces are not only very practical and functional but also quite beautiful. If you want a traditional elegant look, you can opt for a wooden vanity. Meanwhile, a bath vanity with a glass and grill design is sure to bring a unique style and modern appeal to a bathroom interior.

The Mid Continent Cabinetry is a wonderful destination to order the exact tall bath vanity that will enrich your home interior. Here you can order every part of your vanity including its finish color, door style and wood species. You can select among cherry, maple, alder, oak, hickory, and birch hardwood types. Once you are certain on your choice, you can put an order and the ready product will be delivered to your place within a short time period.

Anyway, you can also choose among ready models from Menards. For instance, the Magick Woods 13″ Concord Collection Line Tower is one of the bestselling tall bathroom vanities of the store. Priced $200, this beautiful model features dark chocolate finish and chrome hardware. It has two interior shelves and a drawer at the bottom where you can store everything needed to be kept in a bathroom. The simple yet elegant look of this tall bath vanity promises to make a statement in any bathroom.

Gallery of Tall Bathroom Vanities Are Perfect For Small Bathrooms

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