Temporary Flooring For Rented Apartments

If you are tired of the unattractive look your rental floors have, installing a temporary flooring is what you need to consider. Temporary floors are, as a rule, much cheaper than all other floors let them be wooden, laminate, tile, stone, etc. This flooring types is both easy installable and removable. So you can take your floors with you once you are moving to another rented apartment. Be sure these floors will bring a cozier, more attractive and pleasant feel to any space.

Temporary Floor Types

Here are five grandiose affordable options of temporary floors that will add style to your home:

  • Garage mats
  • Faux wall-to-wall
  • Faux hardwood
  • Removable vinyl tiles
  • New permanent floors

Garage mats are designed for garages, yet they can serve wonderfully for bathrooms, kitchens and hallways. These floors come in quite many colors and patterns hence will suit any home decor. Besides these floors are easy maintainable and provide noise reduction. Anyway, if you want to bring some bohemian look to the space around, you can choose wall-to-wall carpets or carpet tiles.

Vinyl tiles are mostly available in not so attractive patterns, yet there are certain models that are worth your attention. For instance, the Spanish style removable vinyl tiles will bring a unique Spanish feel to the house while costing very little. Yet, if you prefer the rich look of hardwood floors, then the faux hardwood temporary flooring is what you need. These are inexpensive laminate boards, that can’t be used in wet areas, yet look quite pretty in living spaces.

Gallery of Temporary Flooring For Rented Apartments

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