The features of the rattan bench with storage

Not long ago, rattan bench with storage was considered to be the subject exclusive of the villa decor, but now it is used in a variety of interiors. The elegance and the unique natural properties of the rattan furniture create a unique stylish look gives a special charm to any modern environment in house.

Ancestor of the wicker bench with storage was a chest, which appeared in the handicraft quarters of Ancient Rome. Wicker furniture is available and cheaper than wooden one, so wickerwork was considered in Rome as plebeian furniture. But soon the patricians appreciated soft and durable rattan garden storage benches.

The great advantage of the rattan furniture is its property to amortize it. As the rattan grows in the tropics this plant is adapted to heat, and rain. Therefore it can be safely to leave such furniture outdoor without fear that it gets wet. The strength of rattan garden bench with storage is large enough to withstand 150kg within one seat. Durability of such furniture is also not inferior. You can even compare it with the product life of the oak. Conversely, if you “settle” this furniture in the apartment, it must be periodically cleaned, so that it is not cracked. Moreover outdoor wicker bench with storage looks quite decent. It is light and flexible.

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