The modern wood closet shelving

In addition to classic cabinets and shelves, manufacturers offer us a convenient and versatile invention – a wood closet shelving. There are also plywood and glass, plastic and metal shelves, but here we will focus on the shelves made of wood. The wood closet shelves without the rear wall will separate sitting area with sofa and dining room from the zone.

If you plan to install the shelving for easier zoning of the room, then it would be ideal to think about purchasing a mobile model on wheels. Shelves are very different in its functionality and appearance. For example, in the living room the wood closet shelving systems can be used for storing books or souvenirs, and for zoning area. The shelves look great as kitchen furniture, thus replacing the hanging lockers. It is very convenient to store the dishes, cutlery and all sorts of stuff for the kitchen. Moreover, modern racks and open shelves are now in vogue.

The wood closet shelving designs can sometimes be very complicated to implement, but it looks fine. Wooden racks and shelves for books can be miniaturized and the entire wall, floor and table, classic and modern rectangular and also asymmetric. With the wood closet shelving plans is very convenient to differentiate a cabinet space with a computer desk and the area reserved for reading.

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