Jewelry Travel Case Qvc.   Source: Juan Pablo Olmo/Flickr

Travel in style with travel jewelry cases

Travel jewelry cases have been an essential part of any lady’s wardrobe since the very old days. Their popularity faded away a while ago but now when wearing complex jewelry is in fashion again, they are coming back.

Jewelry travel cases are available in various sizes and shapes. The choice will probably depend on amount and type of jewelry you need to carry. Rings, necklaces and bracelets would need a different jewelry travel cases storage solution. If you don’t have space to put several jewelry boxes, buy a single multifunction one. Clever and compact design can include several pockets and drawers to keeps items separate and prevent tangles.

Really cool jewelry boxes are not necessary only travel solutions, they could be also used to store your treasures at home if you don’t have enough room for a jewelry cabinet. The big advantage of boxes is that they take very little space and could be kept anywhere. Many women like to put them on wardrobe floor.

Another use of boxes is the actual presenting. If you don’t have an original case, a beautiful leather box can easily fix this gaffe.

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