Tredecim Garden Furniture: Discover The World Of Traditional Hand Made Furnishing

If you’re looking for something unique and incredibly beautiful for your garden, there is no need to pursue the search as Tredecim garden furniture is what will please you. These are premium quality sand cast aluminum furniture pieces worth admiration! Tredecim is founded in the Cotswolds, England. It uses the technique of traditional hand made furniture for maintaining impressive durability whilst creating fascinating models.

Besides great strength and attractive look of garden furniture by Tredecim, the latter is also greatly famous for its high resistance toward sun, rains, snow and frost. Therefore, it can be freely left outdoors all year round without losing its charm. All furniture pieces by Tredecim come with a lifetime guarantee. 100% recycled aluminum is used for creating the models thus saving up to 95% of energy than if they were made of aluminum produced from ore. The company used sand molds by pouring molten aluminum into these forms and letting it cool down and harden naturally. This technique provides extra durability for the products made of the material.

Tredecim uses hand welding with aluminum solder to fasten the elements of each and every Tredecim garden furniture piece. This results in perfectly strong and marvelous models with no bolts, nuts or fixings. As there are no seams or joints (these furniture pieces are color powder coated as entire units), no water can threaten to corrode the models by penetrating under the coating. However, despite the fact aluminum models are the most popular ones by Tredecim, it also offers cast metal models.

Gallery of Tredecim Garden Furniture: Discover The World Of Traditional Hand Made Furnishing

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