Tub Dining Chairs For Exquisite Dining Spaces

Unique and extravagant tub dining chairs will bring a special feel of luxury and style to any dining room irrespective of its interior. These chairs are somewhat grotesque yet very graceful. Available in different materials and colors, tub chairs are made to fascinate you every time you set for a dinner. The Cafe Culture Insitu is a wonderful destination if you are in “chaise” after unique elegant dining chairs. Here you are guaranteed to find magnificent tub chairs to beautify your dining room and provide comfortable seating place.

Billiani Brings Sophistication

The Hera Chair is one of the most impressive tub chairs for dining or other areas offered in the store manufactured by a reputable Italian brand Billiani. The sturdy frame of this chair is made of European Beech wood and has natural attractive stains. The upholstery of this model comes in either top-grain leather or premium quality fabric. The colors available differ including white, red, ivory and blue. The latter comes with pretty patterns.

Modern Touch By Lebello

If your dining room features a contemporary interior, it can be easily complemented with Lebello tub dining chairs. Featuring aluminum frames and stainless steel legs, these tub chairs catch eye with their open weave backs and seats that come in various majestic colors. The most widely chosen colors of these chairs are the followings:

  • Bronze
  • Titanium
  • Aqua
  • Mocca
  • Beige
  • Grey
  • Citron
  • Purple
  • Orange

Be sure nowhere else can you find such intricate and original dining chairs.

Gallery of Tub Dining Chairs For Exquisite Dining Spaces

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