Unfinished Armoire Wardrobe: Create Exquisite Look With Any Finish You Would Like

An unfinished armoire wardrobe can be found in many furniture stores. Obtaining one you will have the opportunity to apply any finish you would like to! These furniture pieces made of durable hardwood come ready for finish. Which to apply depends on your personal preference and your bedroom interior. Besides, obtaining an armoire wardrobe in an unfinished state is more profitable as it will cost you less.

Quite a wonderful armoire wardrobe with an unfinished look is provided by the Gothic Furniture. This is the Country Panel Door Armoire offered at $610. The model has an elegant design that catches eye with its minimalist yet beautiful look. With its wood paneling as well as tempered legs and a crown molding top this model can turn any bedroom environment into an inviting and relaxing one. Anyway, practicality of the wardrobe is another feature to count as an advantage. So, purchasing this wonderful armoire wardrobe you will be able to choose any finish you want among the following variants:

  • Antique Cherry
  • Colonial Maple
  • Espresso
  • Natural Teak

Another amazing unfinished armoire wardrobe is offered by the Montana Woodworks brand name. This is the Homestead Unfinished Armoire priced $1,250. Coming already ready to finish this wonderful model is sure to add a unique sophistication to your bedroom space. Anyway, if you would like to have it finished you can choose either a clear or stain lacquer. This model is a handcrafted rustic looking one that promises to create a rustic ambiance. The armoire is made of solid hardwood grown in America hence provides wonderful durability!

Gallery of Unfinished Armoire Wardrobe: Create Exquisite Look With Any Finish You Would Like

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