V-Groove Laminate Flooring: Easy Installation And Smooth Surface For Your Floors

V-groove laminate flooring is today’s most widely required laminate flooring types. That is why there are various brands offering amazing laminate floors with V-groove systems. For instance the New Emotion Oxford V-groove Oak laminate flooring is an excellent option as for commercial so for heavy domestic requirements. The material used for creating these laminate floors is much more durable than the traditional MDF. They are made of High Density Fiberboard (HDF). The quality of these laminate floors guarantees longevity of service and wonderful appearance that will satisfy any customer!

New Emotion Oxford Oak Laminate Flooring

The New Emotion Oxford laminate flooring with V-groove structure comes with a twenty-year warranty in case it is intended for a heavy domestic usage. This 8mm laminate floor is highly durable, yet lacks water resistance. Accordingly, it cannot be installed in humid areas such as bathrooms or kitchens. However, commercial environments are perhaps the very target areas for installing this type of laminate flooring. Starting with the lightest and ending with the heaviest commercial locations make great use of V-groove laminate floors offered by this German manufacturer.

A Look And Touch Close To Real Wood

The click system of V-groove laminate floors provides easy installation. Each laminate plank features bevelled edges and is defined as individual. Meanwhile the textured surface of these laminate floors adds a look and feel of real hardwood floors. So if you want to have your home floors look like high quality wood yet cost much less expensive, then these oak laminate floors will be perhaps the best variants. The touch they have adds a shade of luxury and grace to any home or commercial environment. What referes the quality, an all-year-round excellent service is guaranteed!

Anyway, there are also other V-groove laminate flooring models presented in the market. For instance the Series Woods 10mm Vintage Oak V Groove Laminate Flooring Troy is an amazing choice for any environment, again except bathrooms and other humid areas. However, this laminate flooring gives aesthetically rich and luxurious appearance to the whole room yet cost much less than real hardwood floors do. Moreover, the easy maintenance and installation make this variant even more expedient.

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