Various of small closet doors ideas

The width of a standard bedroom door closet is 30″, but small closet doors are 24 inches wide. These small units are usually pantry and linen closets. In most cases small bifold closet doors are installed into the bedroom closets and pantries.

This design gives you a more convenient access to your clothes and stuff stored inside. You come to your closet and open widely both parts of a door. As soon as this door features two parts, this small closet door width is 48 inches. At Home Depot you will find various models of small doors for closets. Woodgrain bifold door, Jeld-Wen door slab, glass doors – all these units are offered for discounted prices at this store now. Installing small closet doors, you may cover the units with wallpaper or paint them with the same color the walls of your room are painted. A very popular small closet door solution is to make them glass.

Some home owners use usual shutters to hide things in their small closet. The more complicated, but a very original decision is to make a small hanging organizers like doors for your closet. A small door for your room closet may be “hidden”. If you use for the door the same material and color you used for your room walls, nobody will see you have a closet there. The style, model and material you will choose for building your new doors depends only on your fantasy and decision.

Gallery of Various of small closet doors ideas

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