Vintage Bathroom Vanities For Exceptional Antique Feel In Your Bath

The diversity of vintage bathroom vanities available today makes one’s purchase even easier and more enjoyable. The wide array of designs, materials and sizes that antique vanities come in makes it possible to find particularly the model that best suits your bathroom interior. Whether you wish a grandiose model to enrich your large bathroom or you need a tiny vanity to add a little character and antique feel to your small bath space, you will be able to do it with a suitable marvelous vintage vanity.

The Adelina 221″ Bathroom Vanity with a pastel beige finish is one of the most beautiful and elegant bath vanities in vintage style. Priced $740, this model guarantees an amazing touch of ancient rich beauty in your bathroom. It features delicate curved accents that only add charm to the piece. Be sure you will love the pastel beige finish it has as well as the luxury marble countertop with a white colored undermount sink. Besides, this lovely piece features a capacious drawer for storing your bath products.

Another gorgeous model within vintage bathroom vanities is the Adelina 32″ Cottage Hand Painted Bath Vanity priced $920. This gorgeous piece perfectly resembles the whole richness and depth of the floral hand painted design. This is a vanity that combines the feel of old world design and the practical art of modern craftsmanship. That is why this is a piece that not only brings comfort and unique grace to your bathroom, but is also highly durable and long lasting. The vanity features a marble countertop and a white colored undermount porcelain round sink.

Gallery of Vintage Bathroom Vanities For Exceptional Antique Feel In Your Bath

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