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Vintage Bathroom Vanity – Go Regal!


Are you a fan of antique furniture? Do you wish to give your bathroom a facelift? If modern décor isn’t your cup of tea, then a vintage bathroom vanity is the best suited for you as it embodies class, elegance, and sophistication, and yet manages to keep the look simple and subtle.

Why buy them?

A vintage bathroom vanity is usually carved from wood and given an antique finish to resemble a piece from the bygone era. Detailed carvings and intricate etchings make it look all the more real. A great combination is a wooden vanity and a china or glass countertop. Although it might cost a tad more, it is definitely worth the expense as it is an investment for a lifetime.

What are its features?

These vanities are stain resistant and prevent debris from accumulating on the surface due to premium stain finish being imparted to the piece. To give it an authentic feel, such units come with antique looking water faucets along with vintage brass or ceramic hardware. There is a lot of space for storage, so you can keep the bathroom free from clutter.

There are several options when it comes to a vintage bathroom vanity, which is why you will have a hard time while taking your pick. Searching online is a good place to start as you can get lucrative discounts.

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