Vinyl Flooring Prices Depend On Several Factors: Discover Them

Vinyl flooring prices that catch eye with great affordability make this floor type so widely required among customers. Moreover, those having little kids and pets at home are the very target audience as besides being highly cost-effective, vinyl floors provide immense durability to last for years to come even under high traffic. And if you need a certain floor type that will serve you truthfully for up to twenty years yet low cost for it is a priority be sure that a vinyl floor is the best variant to stop your choice on.

Aspects Influencing The Cost

Anyway, perhaps the first factor effecting the prices for vinyl flooring is the quality it has. Like any other floor type the thicker the material is the higher the cost turns to be. However, you can also observe that the darker the color for these floors is the more expensive it is. This is so because darker vinyl floors require more pigment and even some specialized pigments that naturally raise the cost for the product. And so you can come across vinyl floors starting with $0.50 and ending with $5 per square foot. However, the average cost is $2-$2.50.

Sheet Vinyl VS Luxury Vinyl

Vinyl flooring prices also differ depending whether you are buying sheet vinyl or luxury vinyl. The latter is quite a new developed option of traditional vinyl flooring. It is much thicker, hence more durable. And what is mode significant within this floor type is that luxury vinyl floors can look like real wood or stone. These advantages of luxury vinyl flooring respectively make it much more expensive. You can purchase this floor type starting with approximately $2.50, yet the most marvelous models are met at $8-$10 per square foot.

Gallery of Vinyl Flooring Prices Depend On Several Factors: Discover Them

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