What Is Engineered Wood Flooring? Find Out Its Characteristic Features

What is engineered wood flooring? Despite being the most popular and widely used floor type today, engineered wood flooring is still an unknown term for plenty of people. We shall give you the brief explanation and description of this floor type if you are among these people. However, this floor type is a real wooden plank that consists of natural timber. Timber is cautiously pressed into a couple of layers that run in thoroughly diverse directions, thus increasing the durability of the floor. This way this floor type turns out to be even sturdier than plain solid wood floor.

However, being mad of real wood not only makes engineered wood floor more durable, but also makes it look more authentic. So, after finding out the primary advantage of engineered floor (its substance), let us discover what are engineered wood floor’s other advantages. Perhaps the most notable characteristic features of this floor type are as follows:

  • Easily Installable (Floating floors)
  • Flexible
  • Limitless
  • Aesthetically Beautiful

Depending on the thickness of an engineered wood floor, the installation type differs. For instance thicker options (2cm) are as a rule installed with nails fastened on cement floors. Thinner versions are to be glued down, whilst the thinnest models that are actual today are fastened with their tongue-and-groove installation system. Another aspect to consider is the amazing look these floors have as compared with their costs. Even though these floors simply ooze quality and style they are less expensive than hardwood floors. So, after you have read this brief article we hope you got the answer to your question “what is engineered wood flooring”!

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