Wood Effect Vinyl Flooring For Most Luxury Home Interiors

The greatest benefit of wood effect vinyl flooring is its combination of the gorgeous warm look and the premium quality of vinyl flooring. Exceptionally the highest quality vinyl floors have natural wood textures recreated. They look stunningly attractive and feature a Protectonite-PU layer that stands for the long-lasting service and easy maintenance. Nowadays, these flooring type is available in great many models or colors.

The Moduleo is a popular UK store specialized in supplying amazing vinyl floors in both stone and wood effect. The latter is available in light, medium and dark hues. The most popular collections of vinyl flooring in wood effect are the following ones:

  • Baltic Maple
  • Blackjack Oak
  • Castle Oak
  • Classic Oak
  • Cotton Wood
  • Country Oak
  • Eastern Hickory
  • Ethic Wenge

Anyway, there are also other fabulous collections you are sure to admire. Each is unique yet all of them guarantee to bring an amazing feel to your home.

If you have a traditional home interior and want to bring some luxury to it, consider the Montreal Oak wood effect vinyl flooring that features an intriguing grain. The uniquely detailed texture of this flooring along with its rich look can beautify any home interior. The Montreal Oak flooring features a non-slip surface and is greatly durable. However, if you prefer a rustic interior, consider the Mountain Oak model. This flooring is a rich brown one and has natural highlights. Its seductive grain guarantees a rustic and at the same time elegant look.

Gallery of Wood Effect Vinyl Flooring For Most Luxury Home Interiors

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