Your good business: the kraft jewelry boxes wholesale

The kraft jewelry boxes wholesale will interest those who deal with classic jewelry and handmade jewelry as well. The paper jewelry boxes wholesale prices are very low. You will pay from $23.65 to $55 for 100 pieces.

The most expensive unit ($55 for 100 kraft boxes) is 2 pieces with non-tarnishing synthetic cotton inside. This is the biggest stuff for the larger jewelry and small gifts. The dimensions are 7″x 5″x 1,25″. The cheapest wholesale set for $23.65 consists of cute boxes perfect for tiny jewelry (earrings for example).

The wholesale cardboard jewelry boxes are designed to place gifts inside them – jewelry which is pretty heavy (necklaces, for example). They are also available in bulk. The jewelry boxes sale is a good chance for the gift stores owners and jewelry makers who sell their stuff.

The ring boxes wholesale in USA deals with cute small but sturdy boxes to place rings there. This ring boxes wholesale will be curious to those who own the stores dealing with marriage rings, to the jewelry gifts stores owners and trade centres shops.
Buying boxes in bulk you save a lot and also can make your small business. Each box can be sold in retailers for $1. Therefore you also earn. Use the wholesale of kraft jewelry boxes and make your profit.

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