Z Wave Curtains: Enjoy The Benefit Of Motorization

If you have an ultra-modern home interior your new Z Wave curtains will become the perfect additions. These curtains add distinction to any home interior as well as serve amazingly for home theaters. With these curtains your home will acquire exactly the style you need whether it is dramatic and bold or contemporary and chic. Meanwhile the innovative technique will enhance the functionality of the curtains bringing great convenience.

The Somfy Systems offers a wondrous range of Z-Wave curtain types designed to impress. Whether you have chosen bold velvet and rich silk curtains to bring a luxury look or light sheer curtains to create an unconstrained and easy ambiance, they all play a significant role in establishing comfort and privacy in your house. Somfy solutions offer to enhance their functionality. With Somfy one is sure to greatly enjoy the whole luxury and convenience of motorization.

Somfy Systems offers the following kinds of Z Wave curtains:

  • Pinch Pleat
  • Ripplefold
  • Accordia

The first kind guarantees a traditional style along with perfect maintain. This curtain type is designed to bring superior light control thus is especially suitable for bedrooms where blackout is desirable. The Ripplefold curtains provide sophisticated look from both sides. Featuring exquisite ripples and smooth curves, these curtains are, yet , poor at shading. Therefore, if blackout is primary to you, pass by this elegant curtain type. The last Accordia curtain type is also intended for rooms where you do not need thorough blackout. With minimal stackback It provides a clean and classic look from both sides.

Gallery of Z Wave Curtains: Enjoy The Benefit Of Motorization

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