Bamboo Wood Flooring Advantages: Discover For Yourself

Bamboo wood flooring looks much the same as hardwood flooring. They are equally beautiful, have the same feel and have many common characteristic features. Yet, they can never be identified. Initially bamboo material in an untreated state is quite harder than the vast majority of wood types. Yet, in the process of carbonation this durability weakens. The reason is that for gaining a darker hue, bamboo is placed under an immense pressure and heat that causes the material get darker yet weaker.

Great Appearance of Bamboo Floors

However, flooring in bamboo wood material is mostly met in softer golden color rather than darker one. Unlike dark colored flooring the golden coloring not only brings a unique warm look to the interior but also restrains more durability staying away from the process of carbonizing. Anyway, with its quite apparent horizontal lines that run through the surface of these floors, bamboo flooring looks simply amazing! And while the shade variation from one bamboo plank to another may seem awkward for come customers, the greatest part of clients find this characteristic trait an advantage.

Average Prices

So, if you have determined to install particularly bamboo wood flooring in your house you are to devote an appropriate budget. Bamboo is regularly priced at $2 to $5 per square foot. And if you wish your new flooring to serve for many years, makes sure you have chosen the good quality bamboo planks. Stay away from the most inexpensive ones. Otherwise you will run the risk of purchasing minor quality flooring that will soon disappoint you.

Gallery of Bamboo Wood Flooring Advantages: Discover For Yourself

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