Bathroom Vanity Tray Brings Chic Style To Your Bathroom Interior

When choosing a bathroom vanity tray it is necessary to suit the style and material of it with your bathroom interior and of course the design of the bath vanity. Available in great many material options, including metal, glass, plastic, wood, melamine, leather, etc., these trays will support your bath products in a stylish way. The same diversity is met when considering the patterns (floral, novelty, geometric or solid) and shapes (round, rectangle, oval and square). Accordingly, irrespective of your bathroom interior, you are sure to find a respective vanity tray.

Timeless Elegant Alabaster Tray

If you would like to add a luxury feel to your bathroom space, quite a good decision is obtaining the Alabaster Antonia Tray for Bathroom Vanity by Jamie Young Company. Priced $163, this vanity tray is a grandiose alabaster model to bring a fresh and opulent touch to your bath room. The vanity tray has an octagonal shape and comes in two sizes. The large size the dimensions 22″W x 16″D and weighs 5 lbs, while the small size has the dimensions 11″W x 9.5″D and weighs 3 lbs.

Modern Chic Glass Tray

For a modern bathroom interior you definitely need a modern bathroom vanity tray. The one offered by Danielle Creations and sold at Wayfair at only $38 is a fabulous model. Made of tempered glass, this vanity tray perfectly goes not only with a modern interior, but also any other. It effortlessly goes along with any bathroom decor starting with traditional and ending with retro. Weighing 2.18 lbs, the rectangle tray has the dimensions 2.24″H x 9.17″D x 12.2″W.

Gallery of Bathroom Vanity Tray Brings Chic Style To Your Bathroom Interior

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