Best Coffee Tables: Top Five Best Selling Models

If you can’t stay indifferent towards the finest furniture pieces, then you are sure to love the following list of five best coffee tables of 2016. All these tables catch eye with their simple yet sophisticated designs. Being made of the finest materials, these tables are timeless beautiful and practical interior attributes you will be fond of. Here are the top five coffee tables considered the bests of the market:

  • The Modern Design Coffee Table by Kings Brand
  • Nexara 410407 Brooklyn Table
  • Sauder Carson Forge Table with A Lift-Top
  • Coaster Coffee Table
  • Flash Furniture FD-COFFEE-TBL-GG Glass Table in Clear Finish

All the above-mentioned tables are considered the bests of the industry with certain criteria taken into consideration. The list is not composed of the most expensive or luxurious tables. Instead, the chart of the coffee tables that are the bests is composed of models that combine high quality, stylish design, practicality and affordability. The chart is certainly based upon the customers’ reviews.

However, not to consider the details of all best coffee tables stated above, let us only have a closer look at the one taking the leading position. The Kings Brand Coffee Table with its modern design and chrome finish is priced as little as $300. The rectangle table features a metal frame with attractive chrome finish and a tempered glass top. The dimensions of the table are suitable for placing in any living space regardless the size. It will add an exceptional contemporary feel anywhere placed.

Gallery of Best Coffee Tables: Top Five Best Selling Models

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