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Blanks For Boxes Intended For Creating Marvelous Decoupage Boxes

Blanks for boxes are needed for creating magnificent decoupage boxes. Having a proper basis one is sure to find it much easier and funnier to create the most wonderful box that will look valuable and unique at the same time. Such boxes tend to become precious gifts and amazing interior decorations. So, if you have made up your mind to create your own decoupage box, make sure you have chosen a good blank box to start your designing work on.

Decoupage Blank Box

Perhaps the best blank box type is wooden. These boxes tend to be much more durable and long lasting as compared with cardstock ones. So, to start your job with first go over the best stores providing the best models. For instance the S&J Woodcraft store is specialized in providing different wooden stuff including hinged boxes. Here you are going to face a splendid collection of small, medium and large boxes in various shapes. For instance a blanket box in 16 x 16 x 30″ in 9mm MDF costs $57. Just imagine how many wonderful designs can be implemented on this wonderful wooden box.

Decoupage Book Box

Another amazing model within blanks for boxes offered by the S&J Woodcraft is the graduate box in 6mm MDF material. With an appropriate size 330 x 250 x 90mm this box is perfectly convenient for making a wonderful gift for college or university graduates. Paying only $12,5 per box and a couple of dollars for printing the pictures you wish and other stuff necessary you are sure to create a most gorgeous decoupage book-box!

Gallery of Blanks For Boxes Intended For Creating Marvelous Decoupage Boxes

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