Carved Box Models From India: Mythical Carvings

A carved box is a unique attribute that can perfectly serve as a dear gift. Be sure the personality who gets such a box as a gift is going to admire forever. Yet, purchasing one for yourself, you will have the chance to admire its mysterious beauty every time your glance falls on it. However, to find truly unique carved boxes we shall advise you visiting the Novica online store. A great range of most unbelievable and unique wooden boxes are presented to customers’ judgment. Once you have entered the website, be prepared to lose your breath at the magic appeal each and every piece offered has!

Naga Guard Dragon Puzzle Box

If you wish something mysterious and extraordinary, then the Naga Guard is particularly the item that will fascinate you with its unique design and carving. The whole magic lies in the box’s carved appeal. The beauty of the latter is reached with the mighty Naga dragon carved on the box top. Symbolizing a mythical guardian this dragon adds wildness and mystery to this puzzle box made of noble soar wood. The price for this hand carved wooden box is as little as $50.

Wild Ivy Artisan Box

Not less unique and impressive yet more romantic and delicate looking carved box is the Wild Ivy Artisan Hand Carved Jewelry Box from an Indian designer M. Ayub. Costing $98 this gorgeous box features admirable carving details via rampant and wild ivy leaves that are entirely covering the box. The whole process is made upon a walnut wood box which only accentuates the delicacy and professionalism of the carvings applied on it.

Gallery of Carved Box Models From India: Mythical Carvings

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