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Cheap Bathroom Vanities with Tops – Where to Shop for Those


It is a misconception that a vanity unit costs a fortune! If you know where to look, you can easily find cheap bathroom vanities with tops that are of good quality. You can purchase vanities with or without tops. Countertops can be made of a variety of materials such as glass, granite, or marble.


Here is a list of places to shop for cheap bathroom vanities with or without tops:


  • Vanities at low prices are available in discount warehouses. These places have units that had been bought but remained unused. If you are lucky, you can get a substantial discount at half of the original price.
  • Look at the classified section of the local newspaper or search the online classifieds. People who had purchased vanities but have not been able to utilize them, generally use such sections to sell them off. You can get some amazing deals here.
  • Use the Internet to browse through online stores that sell bathroom vanities. The prices at such stores are lower than what you find at a retail outlet, because they don’t include overhead and other expenses that a retailer has to consider.
  • Home improvement stores often host special sales, which go on throughout the year. Don’t forget to shop on occasions such as 4th of July and Labor Day.


Cheap bathroom vanities made with tops or without tops are not to be confused with second-hand items because you are actually getting authentic pieces at lower costs.

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