Cheap White Coffee Table For Small Living Rooms

If you need to purchase a cheap white coffee table you must not push its quality to the background. If a furniture piece costs not expensive it does not have to be of low quality. Due to special sales and discounts offered by different specialized furniture stores, customers can find really worthy models at less expensive costs. Yet, there are also companies the products of which are always of cheap price yet high quality. IKEA is one of them.

Coffee tables by IKEA catch eye with their simplicity and modern styling. Some models also come with built-in storage spaces to accommodate your DVD collections, remote controls or TV guides. One of these storage white coffee tables offered at cheap costs is the ISALA model priced $232. The round fiberboard table with white acrylic paint features a smooth-running self-closing drawer where you can place the things you need to keep in the living room. The legs are made of solid beech and have floor protectors fastened.

However, if you are extremely short on money, the IKEA PS 2012 cheap white coffee table can be a good choice for you. Priced as little as $58, this table is a rectangular one (70cm x 42cm) with a capacious shelf under to help you keep your things organized. The table also features castors that make moving the table easier if needed. This model is made of steel and has an epoxy/polyester powder coating. In spite of its low cost, the coffee table provides great practicality and unique modern style to your living space. It is especially convenient for small living spaces.

Gallery of Cheap White Coffee Table For Small Living Rooms

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