Designer Coffee Tables – Make the Living Area More Sophisticated


Does something feel amiss in your living room that could complement the other furniture in it? What can you add to give the room a subtle yet noticeable makeover? The solution is simple – start looking at designer coffee tables! They have a classic and unique design that creates its own niche in the room they are placed in.

Types of Coffee Tables

Designer coffee tables can be made of wood, glass, or metal. The type you choose certainly depends on the color of the room and the arrangement of furniture in it. A major factor to be kept in mind is durability. For instance, glass tables look elegant but aren’t too sturdy. In that case, opt for a combination of wood and glass. Acrylic tables made of Lucite are also quite popular nowadays. When it comes to functionality, there are pieces available with lift-tops and drawers for storing books & magazines.

Placement of the Table

The placement of the coffee table is very important – sticking it in an obscure corner is a strict no-no as it defeats the entire purpose. Place it in a way so it is visible from all parts of the room. You can set it off by placing a small figurine or ornament on it. Don’t place an overly large showpiece on it because the table will be dwarfed by it.

Designer coffee tables can be found online – all you need is a bit of patience to find a piece of your liking and budget!

Gallery of Designer Coffee Tables – Make the Living Area More Sophisticated

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