Ewbank Floor Polish For Constant As Fresh As New Floors

Ewbank Floor Polisher is a unique tool to clean and polish any bare floor surface type. This compact polisher is very plain in use and can be perfect for polishing even those very inconvenient floor areas in your house that are difficult to reach. This is fulfilled easily due to the lightweight design and practicality of the polisher. Moreover, when applied with the high quality floor polish by Ewbank, a professional gleam finish is guaranteed for your home floors! Generally Ewbank stands for the quality any of its products comes with. This brand works to make highly polished and shining floors all over the world!

Advantages of Ewbank Polisher

However, what attracts in the Floor Polisher by Ewbank is its feature to polish any uncovered floor type including as hardwood, vinyl or laminate floors, so granite and marble ones. Any floor surface is guaranteed to acquire a fresh and new look each time you polish it with this floor polisher. Among the diverse and multiple positive features of this cleaning item we can also differentiate its maneuverability, lightweight, fast and easy usage, versatility, compactness and affordability. The great value of this product is priced $98.

Accessories Included

When purchasing the Floor Polisher Ewbank presented in the market, the product comes with certain accessories necessary for providing premium service in polishing your home floors. These are two polishing pads, brushes and buffing pads that are washable and made of microfiber; a telescopic handle for additional stability as well as convenience and control in usage; 2100 RPM rotating head. The polisher provides a cleaning pathway with a width of nine inches. Meanwhile the twenty-three feet power cord increases mobility of the polisher across the entire house. The latter and the rotating head of the polisher make the it versatile for the whole house and each of its corners within difficult reach.

Purchasing an Ewbank floor Polisher is possible as in local stores of techniques, so in online specialized stores. The price for this item differs depending on the model and its specifications. The above provided information concerns any floor polisher offered by Ewbank, yet each model has its individual features and advantages. And taking into consideration that Ewbank has been cleaning houses since 1880, we can clearly state that it holds its leading position in the market due to providing exclusively high quality products!

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