Floor Tiling: Step-By-Step Instruction To Follow

Floor tiling is quite a responsible task to perform. And if tiles provide an amazing look and feel for your kitchens, bathrooms or hallways, you are obliged to be extra attentive and careful when laying them so that not to break a single tile as hard-wearing tiles are truly beautiful looking and easy cleanable yet appear to be quite expensive. So the main steps of laying tiles correctly are as follows:

  • Preparing
  • Key Tile Positioning
  • Laying Floor Tiles
  • Edge Tiles Cutting And Fitting
  • Floor Tiles Grouting
  • Decorative Border Tiles Laying

So for the beginning of tiling your floor make sure your concrete floor is level and dry. Afterwards purchase the tile type that can be successfully installed on the floor type you have to work on. Pass on positioning the key tile that is responsible for the positions of all other tiles. The best variant is starting right from the room center. Place your key tile in the center and then work your ways to room walls equally. Make sure to place the rest of your tiles in a direction you won’t have to step on them while exiting.

Anyway, no floor tiling can exist without cutting edge tiles and fitting them correctly. This must be done extremely carefully neither to break the tiles nor cut them in a wrong size. Keep in mind that if ceramic tiles are easily broken yet easily cut too, hard floor tiles are thicker and hence it will be more difficult to cut them. However, after you have covered the entire surface of your room floor you are to grout it carefully. And if you intend to lay decorative border tiles too, this will be the final step!

Gallery of Floor Tiling: Step-By-Step Instruction To Follow

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