IKEA Pax: Use Your Room Space Efficiently

IKEA Pax system allows one to have enough convenient place he needs in one wardrobe to store everything including suits, clothes, shoes, scarfs, ties, socks, etc in a good order. IKEA suggests its customers choosing the material, size and color for his peculiar Pax fitted wardrobe. People having small apartments and needing a unique wardrobe to both suit the room neatly and store a great quantity of different stuff may find this especially attractive. Yet, IKEA also offers ready-made models you can make your choice from.

Planning A Pax Wardrobe

So for planning a Pax fitted IKEA wardrobe you will simply need to choose a combination to start the planning with, customize it on the IKEA’s webpage and order it online. You are to decide whether your Pax wardrobe is going to have framed hinged doors, or it will be an open solution. Sliding doors is also an option. Besides the color for each wardrobe part is at your choice, too. So are the sizes and corner frames.

Amazing Modern Appeal By IKEA

However, try also considering the ready models of IKEA Pax system wardrobes presented on the official webpage of the company. For instance have a look at the $1,020 costing Stockholm Walnut Veneer white colored Pax wardrobe. With its medium dimensions (59x15x93 1/8), this stylish model will provide amazing modern appeal to your room while storing all your stuff efficiently and neatly. Yet, before choosing a certain model make sure its size is appropriate to your room’s. You must have at least half inch clearance between the ceiling of your room and the top of the Pax wardrobe.

White IKEA PAX wardrobes with hinge doors.
Ikea Pax Bergsbo Vikedal wardrobes with doors create the perfect solution for your bedroom. You can choose one of combinations or create your own with PAX wardrobe planner.
Ikea pax grubu dolaplarının
PAX Serisi size un uygun dolap çözümü olacaktır. PAX serisinin iskelet ve kapakları ile komplement Ikea Pax Dolap Kurulum.
Ikea white wardrobe doors with handles.
Give your furniture a finishing touch with range of ikea pax door handles and door knobs. Pick any style you like. IKEA wardrobe doors come without handles, or pre-drilled holes, so that you could choose your own.

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