Jali Coffee Table Will Bring Indian Feel To Your Home Interior

For a unique Indian feel in your house consider obtaining a Jali coffee table. The latter is a wonderful piece of furniture made of the finest Indian Rosewood or otherwise called Sheesham timbers. This hardwood has a marvelous chestnut color that makes these pieces truly unique, yet it must be dry-kilned and treated before the production. Jali tables are available in different models each of which is beautiful in its own way. Yet there is something that units all of them – exceptional Indian character.

The Jali Sheesham Coffee Table in Thakat style by Paraphernalia is a gorgeous model that will make your living room incredibly beautiful! Solid Sheesham wood raised in northern India was used for creating this model. The table features a premium quality wax finish that stands for the delicate sparkle. The dimensions of this classic Thakat table (60cm W x x40cm D x 41cm H) allow to place it in as large so small living rooms, dining rooms or wherever you find it convenient to place. You can purchase this amazing model at approximately $99.

Surely there are several other designs of Jali tables that are worth paying attention to. If you would like to complement your living room interior with a Jali coffee table that has some modern character, have a look at the Sheesham Square Jali Trunk Chest Table. This piece, too is made of solid Indian Rosewood like all Jali tables, yet is enriched with a warm honey colored finish. The model has a strong resistance toward heat and scratch. And even though the model is thoroughly handmade, certain imperfections are left to add a special character to it.

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