Junckers Flooring: Symbol Of Quality And Timeless Elegance

Junckers flooring company has a stable motto to create exceptional spaces and firmply adheres to it. That is why any flooring product offered by this outstanding brand guarantees premium quality along with fascinating style and look. The company believes that the floor is the first and major piece of furniture in a room that determines the first impression about the whole room. Good floors set certain mood and atmosphere, which are inimitable and unique. What Junckers Company concentrates on when producing solid floors and other products relating floors is performance, quality, environmental care and flexibility.

Premier Brand Name In The Industry

Starting producing solid wood floors more than eighty years ago, the Junckers Company keeps on providing flooring products that have no substitutes in the whole world market. Not only premium quality materials are used in creating flooring by Junckers but also remarkable craftsmanship is applied for creating the most durable flooring. Unique manufacturing techniques, meanwhile, add even greater sturdiness to the floors created and meant to keep the efficiency through generations of daily usage. This is a known fact proven by the Pushkin Museum in Moscow or White House in Washington!

Gorgeous Original Collection By Junckers: Classic And Timeless Elegant

However, turning to the most popular collections of floors with Junckers brand name on, we cannot but touch the Junckers Original Collection. The latter is composed of Nordic hardwoods, oak and ash. Having classic and traditional appearance, the flooring of this collection perfectly blends with sharp lines of modern architecture, too. The unaffected naturalness of this timeless elegant collection brings a feel of confidence and style to any environment decorated with flooring from the Original Collection by Junckers.

Anyway, besides the premium quality level and unbelievably exquisite appearance Junckers flooring is also very easy to maintain. The crisp freshness of these wooden floors can easily be achieved with simply a damp cloth or vacuum cleaner. Another great advantage of all Junckers floors is the absense of insecticides’ usage. This brings forward really worry-free zones for all your family members. No other floor can be so clean and anti allergic as wooden floors by the Junckers!

Gallery of Junckers Flooring: Symbol Of Quality And Timeless Elegance

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