Lay Laminate Flooring Effectively And Beautifully

To lay laminate flooring is not a difficult task to complete. If you are at least a little bit skillful, you can cover a large room floor with laminate in only several hours. Anyway, before starting the project, prepare the floor for the installation. Remove the old carpet padding, yet in case of having wooden floor you should leave it under the new laminate one. Remove the baseboards, clean and level the floor surface and install the underpayment. This will provide good heat and sound isolation while making walking on your new laminate floors softer and calmer. Adhere to all manufacturer’s instructions when installing the underpayment (don’t forget taping the seams).

So, when you have prepared the floor you can lay your new laminate floor. Let’s start with the first laminate raw. The last plank of each row must be longer, hence trim the first one if necessary. Besides, by placing a spare piece of laminate vertically against the wall so that a gap remains. This is necessary as floating floors have a nature to expand thus contracting during time: they need extra space for this.

Once the first row is laid, the rest is even less difficult. Due to the tongue-and-groove system laminate floors have today, the installation is greatly facilitated. No glue is ever needed for this. Use firm and even pressure to push the laminate planks together. Professionals advise to install the rows in a pyramid pattern when you lay laminate flooring. This method guarantees straight and beautiful installation.

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