Maple Laminate Flooring Brings Luxury Hardwood Look

To bring the rich look and feel of maple hardwood to your home without breaking the bank, you should opt for maple laminate flooring. These floors require little maintenance unlike real hardwood yet are available in all colors and textures typical to real maple floors. Choosing this flooring type, you will also greatly benefit from installation. And if you have decided to particularly stop your choice on maple laminate floors, then it is worth considering the variants offered by Armstrong.

One of the most important advantages of maple laminate floors is its water resistance. Definitely, the wealthy look of hardwood flooring attracts plentiful customers, yet laminate flooring of premium durability turns to be a much more practical solution especially when the matter concerns areas with high level of humidity. These floors can freely be installed in bathrooms, kitchens, basements or laundry rooms. This way you will get the same fascinating look as hardwood flooring in your whole house.

Armstrong offers such splendid light models of maple laminate flooring as are the followings:

  • Canadian Maple
  • Flaxen Maple
  • Maple Select
  • Natural Maple
  • Desert Tan Maple

Anyway, there are also splendid darker shades that will bring a rich look to your home interior. These are:

  • Windsor Maple
  • Mocha Maple
  • Franklin Maple
  • Midnight Maple
  • Forest Brown Maple

Each of these shades is unique in its own way. They all feature lock and fold installation method, hence it won’t take you much time and energy to cover the floors of your entire house with these fabulous laminate planks.

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