Stackable Dining Chairs: Practical Variants For Small Dining Spaces

Stackable dining chairs are excellent variants to have much sitting space in small environments. If you too have a small apartment yet love to organize parties and gatherings with friends, then these chairs will undoubtedly be required. Anyway, the great feature of being stacked is not the only advantage of these chairs. They can also be highly stylish and beautiful to suit any dining interior. Yet they mostly have modern designs.

Practicality And High Functionality From Daylight Chairs

Among the most practical and highly functional dining chairs with stackable feature is the Daylight from KI. Costing $230 per each chair and $260 for a rolling dolly these chairs are comfortable and quite splendid. They are made of mesh and feature clean lines. The 100% recycled plastic makes the chairs turn out to be supremely stackable. You can have up to eighty chairs on one rolling dolly hence providing enough sitting space even if you have organized an immense party.

Stylish Design And Great Durability With Orbit Chairs

Another wonderful model of stackable dining chairs is the Orbit from Bernhardt Design. Costing $434, these chairs own a wonderful captivating design by Russ Lovegrove. The orbit shape of these chairs makes them incredibly stylish and appropriate for contemporary dining spaces. The plastic material of these chairs makes them more durable while stacking easier. Moreover, they are available in black, white, red and grey colors to create an amazing statement in the environment when placed in all colors. However, you may find these stackable chairs a bit expensive, yet they will justify every dollar spent on the purchase!

Gallery of Stackable Dining Chairs: Practical Variants For Small Dining Spaces

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