Vinyl Floor Tile As Affordable Yet Efficient Flooring Option

Vinyl floor tile installing has become quite popular in recent years. The reason is the great durability vinyl floors have along with the amazing affordability! At such a low cost as starting with $0.50 to $5 per square meter you can find splendid vinyl floor tiles to make your kitchen, bathroom or hallway environment amazingly stylish and convenient. And if you would like to have vinyl floors with real wood or stone tile appeal, there is no problem at all! Simply choose the luxury vinyl flooring. These floors, however, are more expensive (averagely $5 per sq m).

Advantageous Floor Type

However, vinyl tiles for floors have another great advantage via water resistance. That is why they are mostly applied in bathrooms or kitchens. Meanwhile installing vinyl tiles in living areas you may find it stiff and inconvenient to walk on. So, determine and pass on to the Home Depot to find the color and texture for your bathroom or kitchen vinyl floors.

Sedona Floors By Traffic Master Allure

Sedona Vinyl Floor Tile Model by the Traffic Master Allure in 12″ x 36″ is simply a gorgeous option for an elegant and stylish environment of your home. Adding a comfortable and warm style to your kitchen or bath space, these real stone looking tiles are perfect also for environments with high traffic as they are immensely durable, water resistant and easy maintainable. Meanwhile the GripStrip design of these $2.09 costing tiles makes the installation of these floor tiles much easier. So, if you would like to have inexpensive yet really beautiful floors, this model is a wonderful choice!

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