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What is a floor jewelry box and is it useful to have?

A floor jewelry box or sometimes called a jewelry armoire is a free standing chest of drawers designed for jewelry storage and separation. This jewelry box furniture has a lot of advantages compared to other methods and storage solutions popular nowadays.

The normal large jewelry box furniture would be a spacious inside but ergonomic from the outside. It means that due to excellent functionality of shelves and inside holders, floor jewelry box wood or metal made will not occupy a lot of free space and you will be able to put it in a small corner in your bedroom or even in a hall.

If you don’t have enough space even for a compact floor box, consider looking at lacquer jewelry boxes. Even though they have a size of a normal table jewelry box, beautiful lacquer finish and classy design give them a stylish expensive look. A grand lacquer jewelry box will be a beautiful addition to an existing chest of drawers or a bed table. If you have a lot of jewelry, you can buy a set of boxes and well arrange them in the room.

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